How to Grill Wild Pigs

Grilling 3 wild Pigs, from our very own swamp of Louisiana! Lay your hogs on a pan and season with Traeger Pork Rub, Salt, Pepper and Southern Boyz Seasoning, Turn over and repeat. On the grill lay out a bed of onions and bell peppers and lay that hog right on top and cover with...
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Hunting Wild Hogs

Hunting Wild Hogs… We’re using Big&J “Pigs Dig It” , Corn and The Spypoint Trail Cameras to locate Wild Hogs…
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A Hunt with Uncle Gary Bankston

FREE window sticker with a purchase of a SBO Cookbook and Charcoal/ Black Cap side logo with center Black SBO Logo on it. One Size Fits All. A Hunt with Uncle Gary Bankston I had the honor of hunting and filming my Uncle Gary on a hunt in Missouri this year. Uncle Gary is a...
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Deer Trail

The Spypoint Solar… Never buy batteries again! The SPYPOINT SOLAR trail camera has a built-in solar panel & rechargeable battery. The SOLAR trail camera has a built-in solar panel to charge its internal rechargeable battery. The trigger speed of 0.07 sec is the fastest on the market. The curved motion sensor lens improves the detection...
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Loading a Big Buck.

  The VEO 2 AM-234TU aluminum shooting stick with tri-stand base is a lightweight adjustable gun support that is perfect for the outdoorsman who is concerned about versatility.   <<<Click here to learn more about the VEO2.. ________________________________________________________________________________     Loading a Big Buck. I love hunting in Missouri.     ________________________________________________________________________________     PIONEER...
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Moving the Hogg Boss

    Kick back and enjoy this short ep SwampLife with SBO “ Moving the Hogg Boss “
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Looking for Deer

Looking for Deer MammaT and I went to our property in Greensburg, Louisiana to take the Spypoint Trail Cameras Down. We haven’t got allot of pictures of deer but we been getting pictures of coyotes.
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What we do with Wild Hog Meat

We caught another Wild Hog this week. So join us as we show you “What we do with Wild Hog Meat”.  
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