SwampLife with SBO. This Week we head to the Swamp to take care of a Wild Hog in a Trap. Here in Louisiana and across the Southern States we’re being Invaded by Wild Hogs. The Wild Hogs have turned into a Nuisance problem by destroying our levee systems, Farm crops, Property and causing Havoc to...
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We caught two Deer in our Hog Trap this morning. We follow all the hog trapping guidelines set in place by the state and the last thing we want to do is catch a Deer. When we do catch a deer, we release it back into the Wild.
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Coyte Hunt using electronics

This Coyote Hunt was epic. We called in Coyotes using electronics. These dogs got up close and personal within shotgun range. Predator hunting is always exiting. We collab with Hidden Instinct for tip, tricks and Tactics.
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Missouri Monster Buck 2017

Nov.12 was a Unbelievable day as a hunter. I was hunting in North West Missouri right outside the small town, of Grant City. I setup in a ground blind overlooking this beautiful bottom. At 10:15am I had only saw one small buck and decided to head to the camp. As I gathered up my things...
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City Limit Hogs

Swamplife with SBO “City Limit Hogs”…Join Swamp Life with Southern Boyz Outdoors as Kinion Bankston of SBO and Bruce Mitchell of Swamp People and Paul LeBlanc of LeBlanc’s Skinnin Shed build a hog trap and take out a hog in City Limits of Hammond, LA        
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Sale on Vanguard Scope’s

Big Sale on Vanguard Scope’s at Simmons Sporting Goods. For more information click here×40-duplex-rifle-scope/
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SwampLife with SBO – Hog :30

SwampLife with SBO.. Join Kinion, Big MammaT/ Tanya and Friends as they remove a couple Wild Hogs out of the Trap Alive.. “It Just Don’t Get No Better Than This”   For All Your Optic’s Needs visit >>>    
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Squirrel Hunting at the M&D Hunting Club in Frogmore Louisiana.
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Bayou life it ain’t the same

We get schooled by Southern Boyz Outdoors. For all you folks out there who haven’t spent much time in the bayou, here’s a window into how things work differently down in the swamps.
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