First up Mama T’s Butterfly Steak NOW MY STEAK I like my medium rare and seasoned really well. Repeat above steps but I hit mine with A LOT of that Southern Boyz Seasoning. Head to the Traeger and put those bad boys on the grill. Prepare your Loco by melting 1/2 stick of butter Grab […]

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Baby Back Ribs on the Loco Griddle!

Baby Back Ribs on the Loco Griddle  Rubbed with a pepper jelly for flavor and bonding. Black pepper, Salt and Southern Boyz Seasoning, Traeger Q BBQ Sauce. Cook Time. Loco Griddle temp set at 350 Ribs cooked on both sides for 15minutes. Turn Loco Griddle down to 275. Wrap Ribs in Aluminum foil slow cook […]

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 Southern Boyz all Purpose Seasoning enhances the flavor of beef, duck, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews and salads, even chips , dips and fries. Burritos on the LoCo Griddle *Chop up your ham & beacon *12 eggs in a bowl-season with salt, pepper and Southern Boyz Seasoning (to your liking) BEAT UP! *Fry up […]

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Southern Boyz Jambalaya Mix

Southern Boyz Outdoors Jambalaya Mix is one pot teeming with our Southern Boyz spices and mouthwatering flavors. Our mix combines rice and our signature seasoning to bring authentic Louisiana cooking straight to your table . Just add your choice of meat and get ready for a good old Louisiana swamp feast!

Southern Boyz Jambalaya Mix offers a one of kind twist. Our delicious pot of southern charm can also be used to make dirty rice and stuffed bell peppers! Great side dish for barbecues, picnics or holidays, or eat it as a flavorful meal all on its own!

Southern Boyz Jambalaya mix allows us to bring southern cooking to you….

From our table to yours, “It just don’t get no better than this!”


**No MSG

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Southern Boyz Seasoning

Southern Boyz Outdoor Seasoning  From our table to yours…The Southern Boyz want everyone to experience a little piece of our Southern spice of life. Southern boyz seasoning is a soulful  blend of flavorful spices making it the number one up and coming spice from acclaimed Southern Chefs to an everyday staple on your dinning room table. […]

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2021 Louisiana State Turkey Call

John Kinion Bankston is with Leon Stilley and Hunter Lemoine.
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Super Excited about hosting the 2021 Louisiana State Turkey call competition here at the Southern Boyz Outdoors Store. It’s been in North Louisiana for the past few years so we’re excited to have it back in South Louisiana. Date is set for 8/21/21 so start practicing.
Awesome Stuff…

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Where I came from

Where I came from. I was a Scaffold builder from 1988 to 1999. I built scaffolds from Louisiana to California back to Florida and up to Missouri. I Absolutely Loved the challenge and danger that came with being a scaffold builder, from building hanging scaffolds, scaffolding a 300’ tower, working our ass off in a […]

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