2014 Louisiana Alligator Season

The start of the 2014 Louisiana Alligator Season. We’re getting ready for our 2014 Louisiana Alligator Season. We will set our hooks after lunch on the 26th. We will start hunting Alligators on the 27th in the Swamps of the Amite River located in South Livingston Parish right out of the small town of Maurepas...
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Southern Boyz Outdoors Social Media. #1

Southern Boyz Outdoors hit another miles stone this pass week taking over the Number one spot in Likes in Social Media. Kinion Bankston Owner of Southern Boyz Outdoors said Friday. Hard work and being open with people has brought us along ways. I’m sure our time on the top will be short lived. but it...
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Southern Boyz Outdoors Social Media

Southern Boyz Outdoors is Ranked #3 in total Likes in Outdoor Tv shows in Social Media. ¬†Only behind Ted Nugent and Willie Robertson. They’re Ranked #1 in Reach and Engagement in the Outdoor Industry in Social Media. With over 840,000 followers. Reaching over 40,000,000 Million per week. Engaging ¬†over 8,000,000 Million per week. Its unbelievable...
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