Missouri Monster Buck 2017

Nov.12 was a Unbelievable day as a hunter. I was hunting in North West Missouri right outside the small town, of Grant City. I setup in a ground blind overlooking this beautiful bottom. At 10:15am I had only saw one small buck and decided to head to the camp. As I gathered up my things and started out my blind. I noticed a huge Buck over 300 yards away. I knew right then he was a shooter Buck because I could see his rack. He was on the move nose down and his tail straight out. ((The Rut)) When I looked at him through my Vanguard Binoculars I said “What a Monster” .. As he moved back and forth across the field to my North my heart was pounding. I kept my composure waiting on my opportunity to make my move on this Monster Buck. All of a sudden he turned and headed straight to the bottom across the hill from me and I knew right where he was headed. I get out of my blind with my VEO Shooting Stick an my Rifle and took off Running… I Ran (in my Crocs) across the hill to get in front of him. My adrenaline was running high as I was completely focused on killing this Monster Buck. Once I got in position I could see him coming through the timber in the bottom. Looking ahead there was a opening that I would be able to get a shot on him. I bring my gun up on my VEO Shooting Stick and wait for my opportunity to pull the trigger. When he steps into the opening he stops. I take aim through my Vanguard Scope an squeeze the trigger. “Bam” I hit him a little high behind the front shoulder. He runs in a loop back towards me and stops. I could tell he was hit but he was still standing. I Bolted another round and Shot him again. “Bam” he just hunched up and took round two. I bolted another round took aim and “Bam” He took two steps and jumped almost straight up in the air over some smaller trees. I could see his back feet going over his head like doing a back flip. As I heard him crash down. I knew I just killed a Buck of a lifetime..
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