Early Season Buck

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Just got back to the Swamp. I had a Awesome early season trip first stop Hepler KS with Xtreme Hunts seen a few Small Bucks and one shooter Buck to far to get a shot. Then it was off to North Missouri on my personal farms. We had TJ & Tanya Lane from Oklahoma with Bone-A-fide Outdoors hunting the early season with us. I was able to film Tanya harvest this nice 146.5 class Buck with her Bow. Tj Lane was also able to film the harvest from 150 yards away. Awesome footage of this Hunt. Look for this show ((Early Season Kansas – Missouri)) in the 4qt. Congrats to Tanya Lane for a Awesome Missouri Buck…

Kinion Bankston                                                                                                                           Southern Boyz Outdoors

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Awesome Louisiana Alligator Season 2014

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We had another Awesome Louisiana Alligators Season. We tagged 45 Gators in 6 days. The Longest 11ft the shortest 6ft our average Alligator size was 7ft 4.. We didn’t get the Big Gator that Randell I watched all summer, but he will be Bigger next year..

Kinion Bankston

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Our friend Shawn Poirrier was fishing with his girlfriend at a state park when his line got hung up. Trying to free it, he pulled the line and the weight flew back at him like a speeding bullet an hit Shawn perfectly in the corner of his eye, broke his eye socket and cheek bone breaking it in 3 places. He still can’t see out of his eye. Shawn is scheduled to see a bone Doctor and a eye specialist. Not sure if Shawn will be able to see out of his eye again. Let this be a warning to everyone. If your hook gets hung up sometimes it’s better to just cut the line free. Keep Shawn in your prayers.

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Karaoke Night with Southern Boyz Outdoors


With Hunting season fast approaching. We had a Awesome night out at Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant in Hammond Louisiana, with Family and Friends. (((Karaoke Night.. LOL..))) We all had fun singing and laughing at each other. Alligator season start Wednesday on the 27, 2014.. Then off to Kansas and Missouri to start the 2014/2015 Deer Season.. Thank you all for your Friendship.

Kinion and Tanya Bankston

Southern Boyz Outdoors

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2014 Louisiana Alligator Season


The start of the 2014 Louisiana Alligator Season.

We’re getting ready for our 2014 Louisiana Alligator Season. We will set our hooks after lunch on the 26th. We will start hunting Alligators on the 27th in the Swamps of the Amite River located in South Livingston Parish right out of the small town of Maurepas Louisiana. Last year we tagged out in 6 days. We have been seeing allot of Alligators in the late evenings you can count anywhere from 70 to 100 plus Alligators in a 4 miles stretch of the lower Amite River Swamp.

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Southern Boyz Outdoors Social Media. #1


Southern Boyz Outdoors hit another miles stone this pass week taking over the Number one spot in Likes in Social Media.

Kinion Bankston Owner of Southern Boyz Outdoors said Friday. Hard work and being open with people has brought us along ways. I’m sure our time on the top will be short lived. but it does feel good to be number#1. We owe it all to our friends and family.


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Southern Boyz Outdoors Social Media

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Southern Boyz Outdoors is Ranked #3 in total Likes in Outdoor Tv shows in Social Media.  Only behind Ted Nugent and Willie Robertson. They’re Ranked #1 in Reach and Engagement in the Outdoor Industry in Social Media. With over 840,000 followers. Reaching over 40,000,000 Million per week. Engaging  over 8,000,000 Million per week. Its unbelievable that Southern Boyz Outdoors from South Louisiana has taken the Social Media world and Hunting world by storm. Kinion Bankston of Southern Boyz Outdoors gives his top advise about Social Media on Face Book is (Keep your page interesting).

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Congrats to Kinion Bankston on this Missouri Monster!

missouri bow kinion2 missouri bow kinion3

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