Big Sale on Spypoint Trail Camera’s


On Sale for Just $135.00  Click on our store link to find this Camera

10MP color and black-and-white photos
Takes 10 to 90 seconds of HD video with sound
46 high-powered, invisible black LEDs won’t spook game
Five-zone sensor for faster trigger speed
Distance-detection sensor adjusts from 5 ft. to 65 ft.
2.4″ viewing screen
For crisp, candid photos of wildlife, the Spypoint BF-10 HD 10MP Infrared Trail Camera captures 10MP color photos by day and black-and-white photos at night. It also takes 10 to 90 seconds of HD video with sound. 46 high-powered, invisible black LEDs for nighttime photos won’t spook game and work great for security purposes. Five-zone sensor offers faster trigger speed and ensures accurately centered images. The distance-detection sensor adjusts from 5 ft. to 65 ft. and multishot mode allows up to six pictures per detection. Date, time, temperature (˚C/˚F) and moon phase can be stamped and printed on images and footage. Removable internal camera. 2.4″ viewing screen. Requires SD/SDHC card (up to 32GB, not included). Uses six AA alkaline batteries or a rechargeable lithium battery pack (not included). 12-volt and solar-panel jack. Includes an installation strap, USB cable and audio-video cable. Imported.
6.9″H x 5.1″W x 2.6″D.

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Squirrel HuntingDonn

Join SBO Donnie Adams, Rusty,  Chris Gordon and Kinion Bankston on a Awesome Squirrel Hunt in Frogmore, La.

((Accidents Happen Fast))

Rusty treed a Squirrel and the Squirrel was sitting tight so Chris Gordon went to pull a vine to make the squirrel move in the top of the tree. When Chris pulled the vine as hard as he could the vine broke striking him right in the face. Chris ended up shooting the Squirrel.    XTREME SQUIRREL HUNTING!!!

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Hog Hunting in Frogmore, Louisiana

Join Kinion Bankston of SBO on this Awesome Deer Hunt that turned into a Hog Hunt in Frogmore, Louisiana.

Kinion: I was set up in a Box Blind over looking a food plot and the Tensas River Levee. I had been watching 3 does all evening when they were spooked and ran off. I grabbed my gun turned the camera to my hard right hoping for that nice 10pt I have been getting on the Spypoint Trail cameras. When out steps a Big Black Boar Hog and I wasn’t going to let him get away. Why ?? Hogs do Millions of dollars in damage a year to crop land and our levee systems here in Louisiana, plus their good eating. So when you get the crosshairs on one you pull the trigger.

Thank You

Kinion Bankston

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Kinion Bankston of Southern Boyz Outdoors and Billy Lawson of Ultimate Bowhunting Tv. is in NW Missouri, Worth County specifically and getting in some whitetail deer hunting. The “Southern Boyz” demonstrated many of the fun and enjoyable outdoor activities Southern Louisiana has to offer.

Kinion took time out of hunting to visit the Worth County Elementary in Grant City, Missouri. They met kindergarten through the sixth grade students. The kids loved the big alligator heads and hog skulls and the Boyz love teaching and sharing life in the great outdoors.

Later in that evening Kinion Bankston headed over to TNT Sale Barn Cafe in Grant City and cooked up some Alligator and Crawfish Étouffée for all who were willing to give it a try. Tara Thogmartin said, “We had an amazing time. Kinda like that Louisiana food. Thank you for the experience”

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Why is the Rut easier to predict in the North than in the South??


Rut Map                                                                             

 Rut in the North.

All the receptive Does have to concede by the end of November, no later than the middle of December, to insure that their Fawns will be born in May/June. This gives the fawns time to put on enough bodyweight to make it through the harsh winters of the North. (Peak Rut week November 8th to the 15th)

 Rut in the South.

The milder winter of the South makes it hard to predict that magic day. The breeding period is so long; it starts in December and goes through February/ March. Fawns will be born from late July into late September.   (Peak Rut weeks December 20th to January 20th)

How Long Does a Doe carry a fawn??

After a doe has conceded,  it takes 6 1/2 months (200 days) to give birth. A newborn fawn will nurse 5 times a day and will continue to nurse tell their 4 to 5 months or even older.  A fawn will have up to 40 white spots. Staying hidden is the fawns only defense against predators. They’re very alert and their Momma Doe isn’t for away at all times.

Hunting the Rut… 

     The Rut is every hunter’s favorite time of the year to hunt. It can be exciting, and it can be heart breaking. During the peak week of the Rut in your area, make the all day hunts. You have to  stay in your stand as long as you can. What triggers the Rut: long dark nights, moon Phases and the weather.                


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Kinion owner /host of Southern Boyz Outdoors and SBO Social Media goes to Face Book..

kinion goes to Face Book

Kinion Bankston owner/host of Southern Boyz Outdoors Tv and SBO Social Media goes to Face Book Headquarters.

On Thursday around 3pm Southern Boyz Outdoors Face Book page was hacked into through another administrator. The Hacker deleted all the administrators an took control of SBO Face Book page. The Hacker started posting pornographic pictures and made changes to the page settings.

When asked to describe his important, last minute trip, Kinion was more than Happy to share the story of his journey.  “I never slept or ate from the time of the take over to the time  the problem was solved. We have allot of Kids and Women that follow Southern Boyz Outdoors and it just turned my stomach when I saw the porn pictures being posted on the SBO page. I tried everything I could do to solve the problem but wasn’t getting anywhere. I bought a ticket to fly to California to the Face Book Headquarters. Thinking I have to stop this now.  My daughter found out there is a Face Book  Headquarters in Texas. So I got in my truck an started my journey to Texas. When I got there, I was able to talk to the Security Guard, whom already knew me because he and his son follows my Southern Boyz Outdoors page. I told him what was going on. Not long after that, I met another person who works for Face Book he also follows my Southern Boyz Outdoors page. The Face Book team jumped right on the problem, and with in the hour the  problem solved, with good leads on the Hacker. I was very touched by having people that work at Face Book following my page an telling me how much they enjoy Southern Boyz Outdoors and keep up the good work on the page (They love how we keep kids involved in the outdoors with our ‘Kids Enjoying The Outdoors post”) I would Like to Thank everyone at Face Book for their help what a Awesome Group of People.”

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Early Season Buck

10616570_816314028420051_7209323566702070464_n 10437778_816314091753378_3123279128442416357_n 10639658_816314068420047_6345344725273326566_n 1979853_816314048420049_6902937803856264412_n

Just got back to the Swamp. I had a Awesome early season trip first stop Hepler KS with Xtreme Hunts seen a few Small Bucks and one shooter Buck to far to get a shot. Then it was off to North Missouri on my personal farms. We had TJ & Tanya Lane from Oklahoma with Bone-A-fide Outdoors hunting the early season with us. I was able to film Tanya harvest this nice 146.5 class Buck with her Bow. Tj Lane was also able to film the harvest from 150 yards away. Awesome footage of this Hunt. Look for this show ((Early Season Kansas – Missouri)) in the 4qt. Congrats to Tanya Lane for a Awesome Missouri Buck…

Kinion Bankston                                                                                                                           Southern Boyz Outdoors

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Awesome Louisiana Alligator Season 2014

photoimage (2)image (1)

We had another Awesome Louisiana Alligators Season. We tagged 45 Gators in 6 days. The Longest 11ft the shortest 6ft our average Alligator size was 7ft 4.. We didn’t get the Big Gator that Randell I watched all summer, but he will be Bigger next year..

Kinion Bankston

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10615695_833822293295111_1101743297_n 10621058_833822576628416_1209119623_n

Our friend Shawn Poirrier was fishing with his girlfriend at a state park when his line got hung up. Trying to free it, he pulled the line and the weight flew back at him like a speeding bullet an hit Shawn perfectly in the corner of his eye, broke his eye socket and cheek bone breaking it in 3 places. He still can’t see out of his eye. Shawn is scheduled to see a bone Doctor and a eye specialist. Not sure if Shawn will be able to see out of his eye again. Let this be a warning to everyone. If your hook gets hung up sometimes it’s better to just cut the line free. Keep Shawn in your prayers.

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Karaoke Night with Southern Boyz Outdoors


With Hunting season fast approaching. We had a Awesome night out at Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant in Hammond Louisiana, with Family and Friends. (((Karaoke Night.. LOL..))) We all had fun singing and laughing at each other. Alligator season start Wednesday on the 27, 2014.. Then off to Kansas and Missouri to start the 2014/2015 Deer Season.. Thank you all for your Friendship.

Kinion and Tanya Bankston

Southern Boyz Outdoors

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