Vanguard VEO 37 Bag

VEO 37 

The VEO shoulder bag offers a fresh approach to travel photography. Its lightweight, casual and discreet design is a gift to photographers running to catch a train, capture a moment, or explore discreetly.

Dual purpose photography bag that converts into a day bag
Innovative tripod carrying systems: two methods to choose from, depending on your needs
Zippered pockets for accessories and gear
Rain cover for waterproof protection

Price $69.99

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Swhacker Brooadhead


3-Blade Broadhead                                                                                                      The 3-blade Swhacker weighs in at 100 grains, measures 0.875 inches wide when closed and measures 1.5 inches wide when open. It flies and functions just like all other Swhacker Broadheads. The first set of cutting edges, the wing blades, cut through hair, hide and bone. Once inside the animal’s body cavity, pressure against the wing blades opens the scalpel sharp main blades that create huge wound channels for better blood trails, more momentum which increases the chance of a complete pass-through shot and more humane harvests.


Low Pound Broadhead
The newly designed 2-blade, 100-grain, 1.5-inch Low Pound Swhacker, black for the guys and pink for the ladies, shares the design of Swhacker’s new 3-blade broadhead. Both Low Pound heads feature a compact design. The ferrule is flat on both sides, measures 0.875 inches when closed and measures 1.5 inches when open. Additionally, a portion of sales from the Low Pound Pink broadhead will go to support the American Breast Cancer Foundation.


3-Pack Practice Heads
Swhacker updated its broadhead packaging in 2014 and included for the first time ever one practice head and instructional DVD. Customer demand for additional practice heads resulted in the expandable broadhead brand to offer practice heads in packs of three. The heads are dimensionally identical to the hunt-ready Swhacker Broadheads, providing identical flight characteristics to the actual hunting head. The days of using electrical tape to keep the hunting head closed while practicing, or changing from field tip to Swhacker Broadhead are over.


“Our customers ask us to come out with a lot of different products all the time. Three of the most-requested products are the 3-blade head, a head for hunters who cannot pull much weight and practice heads,” outdoor legend Hank Parker said. “We listened and we delivered. At Swhacker, we do not rush anything we do. These heads have been put through the ringer. This ensures that the heads will perform at the moment of truth.”

Every 3-pack set of Swhacker Broadheads in every size will come with a practice head identical to the three hunt-ready heads. The broadhead packs also come with Swhacker’s popular “Broadhead Science – The Science of Slice” footage. Bowhunting biologist Wade Nolan, host of this popular video, shows hunters what makes Swhacker the most deadly, best performing broadhead on the market. Hunters will be assured they made the right choice after one viewing of Nolan’s presentation.

MSRP of all Swhacker 3-pack broadheads is $34.95. MSRP of the 3-pack practice heads is $19.95. The new products will be available June 2015 at a variety of national and regional retailers, independent archery shops and online.

Angled shots are not a problem for Swhacker Broadheads. The hollow ground hardened high-carbon steel tips and aircraft grade aluminum ferrule enter the animal before the wing blades make impact with bone, which eliminates the possibility of cantilevering or deflection. Swhacker Broadheads are the most dependable mechanical broadheads on the market, period! They just don’t fail to open!



Built-in Wi-Fi
Control & view via smartphone
Live streaming over the web
Super HD 1296p video with sound
2” viewing screen

Stay connected!

This action camera equipped with built-in Wi-Fi works with a free mobile application. Use a smartphone for setup, album management, live view and triggering photo and video recording. The XCEL STREAM app also allows live streaming your hunting adventures over the web. Capturing Super HD 1296p and Full HD 1080p footage, the XCEL STREAM camera is a must!

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Realtree T-Shoes

The Number #1 Selling Camo T- Shoes


Old Dominion Footwear was incorporated in 1996 with its offices and distribution center located in Madison Heights, Virginia. The company has the exclusive license for the Realtree brands which include Realtree Outfitters and Realtree Girl, and also has the license for Team Realtree brand. Old Dominion Footwear designs, manufactures, markets and distributes all genders of footwear, available in various sizes and widths, to department stores, sporting goods stores, catalogs and independent retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, South America and around the world.

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Endeavor RS 351050D

endeavor-rs-351050-duplex    endeavor-rs-351050-4_1   duplex_2   endeavor-rs-351050-2_2

Endeavor RS is the first riflescope to be equipped with premium Japanese HOYA ED glass, the Endeavor RS provides a clear, bright view of the target.

:Premium HOYA© ED Glass ensures clear viewing and eliminates color aberration     :Multi-coated optics provide superior light transmission in low-light conditions
:Nitrogen purged to eliminate optics fogging due to temperature changes
:Single tube construction from high grade T6061 aluminum
:Rapid Focus Eyepiece for quick and clear target acquisition
:Etched Duplex reticle allows for quick and easy target acquisition
:Standard 1″ tube makes it easy to mount with a broad range of available rings

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