Swamp Donky’s New Hit Song “Southern Way”

“Southern Way”

by Louisiana Swamp Donky

Check out the Music Video We / Southern Boyz Outdoors produced for Louisiana Swamp Donky’s New Hit Song “Southern Way”  I have to say we had a great time producing it.  Fun Times making Southern Way video. Give it a listen and leave some feedback!

Two dogs fight off intruding bear

When a bear trespassed on Cue Foils’ farm, it didn’t take long for his two bulldogs to jump into action to fight off the uninvited guest. The two guard dogs broke through their enclosure and ran right up to the bear to let the big guy know whose neighborhood he was in. Surprisingly, the bear didn’t really put up a fight, and ran off before any metaphorical fists were thrown.

Check out this cool way to catch and kill spiders!

We’ve had bug problems for as long as I can remember. We’ve tried sprays, powders, called pest control, etc. and nothing seemed to really work. So while shopping and came across these glue boards for mice, spiders, crickets. I set a few of them around in “strategic” locations. I hid them all away so they weren’t visible to guests or anything, the glue boards are very easy to hide. I let them sit there for a couple months and this is what I found… The traps have easily caught over 100! I haven’t seen a single spider since.